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Cleaning and maintenance of bathroom cabinets
1, bathroom Cabinet in the process of moving, gently lift with care, not shenglayingzhuai; lines, uneven ground, leg pad should be flat.
2, bathroom cabinets do not wash with water, usually with a slightly damp cloth to gently wipe to avoid stagnant water causes corrosion. Maintenance you should use neutral detergents, toothpaste is good for cleaning products.
Bathroom Cabinet 3, not in the Sun, in order to maintain fresh air, wet and dry separation, to develop habits of Windows that open the door.
4, bath cabinets often put some SOAP, face cream and other cleaning supplies, accidentally out of the cleaner better get cleaned up, or cleaning products under a layer of cloth.
5, the installation of water pipes and drain pipes to connect when tight, and checked on a regular basis to avoid leaks affect the Cabinet.
6, to avoid the use of other chemical constituents to the solution to scrub it clean, so as to avoid corrosion.

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