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Cleaning knowledge: stair anti-slip treatment
Stair cleaning anti-slip treatment, cleaning staff proposed the following:
We apply the most advanced epoxy resin material, natural stone (marble, granite, limestone, etc), made of stone or concrete tile anti-slip surface.
Field of application: used for stairs, entrances, water flow and slope formed on the surface of the stone and tile anti-slip effect. Formed after the construction of a hard surface would be a permanent attachment to surfaces, strong stability, no loss is caused by force, and degree of wear-resistance and tenacity are superior to the stone, and ensure the sustainability of using.
Meanwhile, in order to ensure the construction of anti-sliding aesthetic unity, we have designed a variety of color effects, and can be used according to the customer's requirements specified by the mix of computer color matching technology in all colors skid strips.
Floor tile anti-slip treatment:
In the kitchen, bathroom, swimming pool often falls, falls, as well as bacterial breeding phenomenon, which can even affect their normal life or business.
So, what we need is a new technology to solve these for your troubles.

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