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Different stain methods for cleaning
Today many places are covered with carpet, cleaning carpet, however it is a hard thing, Chongqing introduce on carpet cleaning dyeing to a different method of cleaning stains.
1, for liquid stains with water-absorbing ability of paper or cloth to absorb liquids, carpet cleaning solutions diluted with warm water, using a clean cloth with diluted carpet cleaning solutions, Pat is liquid soaked areas. After all the traces are clean, completely dry, then brush along the carpet texture Combs until completely dry.
2, for the grease stain with a dull knife or spatula, scrape the residue and dry cleaning agent to clean, and repeatedly wiped with absorbent cloth.
3, for the dry urine urine stains. Carpet cleaning solution diluted with egg white. Of cleaning fluid mixed with good beat the polluted areas. Drain water in polluted areas along the carpet texture using a brush comb.
4, for oil paint of paint stains: first paint paper the extra dry, use colorless alcohol to clean. Carpet cleaning fluid dilution using cloth with cleaning solution Pat carpet area. Then rinse, Pat dry, and in contaminated areas along the carpet with a brush textured comb.
Emulsion paint: paint on paper first of all the extra dry, then wash it with cold water from being polluted. Then wash with diluted carpet cleaner, and then washing with water. After working in the contaminated areas along the carpet with a brush textured comb.
5 liquid ink, ink stains immediately with an absorbent paper capacity dry ink, rinse with warm water and dry the excess moisture, and if you need carpet cleaning agents that are available.
Ball-point pen grease stains: sticky colorless alcohol with a clean cloth, carpet get wet and then dried carefully, along the carpet with a brush textured comb.

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