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Scale removal method of outside wall
Industrial modernization has also aggravated air pollution. Especially in large cities, vehicle exhaust and industrial emissions standard, increased carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide in the air, mentioned on Chongqing exterior cleaning: commonly known as acid rain, causing local erosion of the strong appearance in the building, showing buildings in front of you rusty.
The adhesion of dirt on the exterior wall, based firmly on the surface of a building under normal circumstances, because the combination of loose dirt is washed down by rain, the rest of the dirt can be broadly divided into the following categories:
To Coulomb force and wall combined of dust; by organic stick attached in wall Shang of dust, and confetti leaves and other solid dirt; to high-speed flight Hou collision to wall Shang, died and stick attached in wall Shang of insects, and bird wreckage; air pollution, out wall surface formed of rust; containing organic and inorganic salts of rain scour Hou left of watermark; from roof left of rain entrainment of dirt.
Thus we use acid cleaning agent for exterior wall to deal with the dirt. Acid cleaning agent for exterior wall is the most important chemical cleaning agent. It is suitable for granite, artificial granite (artificial stone, tide stone), cleaning of the external walls of glazed ceramic tiles and mosaics. A high proportion of this material in the skyscrapers and artificial granite and granite buildings abound. About granite external wall fouling formation has been studied by many scholars, it is mainly caused by two factors. Is granite weathering, atmospheric dirt is deposited on the surface of the external wall of the second. Granite weathering products are mainly gypsum, other inorganic salts, such as chlorides and nitrates. Granite surface due to erosion and the dirt is porous, and pollutants through pores in the continued erosion of granite, gypsum layers of dirt will become thicker over time.
Acidic cleaning agents can react with gypsum as the main scale and dissolve them, but acidic cleaning agents not hydrochloric acid as the main, because hydrochloric acid is difficult to control, will leave a building blaze. Hydrochloric acid has not been cleaned if residue, will also continue to react with building materials, causing new damage, its rate of weathering and erosion is much higher than before the cleaning. Therefore, acid cleaner main ingredient plaster composition should be included, granite inhibitor, Osmotic agents and degreasing agents, rust inhibitor and water. When in use, water wetted surface of the external walls of buildings, and then cleaning with brush brush or sprayed on walls with a spray device, wait for after effects 10~30min, rinse with water cannons to spray water. Use to focus on the requirements. Windows protection acid cleaner on the glass to have a corrosive effect made eerily transparency reduced.

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