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Carpet washing methods
When carpet oil and other sticky substance significantly build-up of dirt, dust accumulation can affect the color of carpet and carpet pile elastic and dry cleaning method when you cannot eradicate, carpet washing, rinse thoroughly. Following Chongqing its on carpet cleaning carpet wet washing method in detail.
Wet cleaning carpets, there are two methods:
First, spray extraction cleaning method this method is hot water and detergent to sprayed on the carpet under pressure, in the presence of water and detergent, equipped with rotating or oscillating brushes for carpet washing equipment, separating dirt from fiber and sucked.
Second, steam cleaning method, which is a removal of embedded within the carpet pile dirt surface dirt and carpet is very good, most thorough carpet wash washing method. Also referred to as extraction cleaning method. Use special dry cleaning carpet machine steam release water a mixture of steam, solvents and cleaning liquid sprayed on the carpet, mechanically swinging brush after stirring in the dirt out of the carpet fibers suspended in the solvent and implanted vacuum head to clear.

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