Cleaning of common sense

Clean air conditioning brings us benefits
Medical experts emergency calls for with air conditioning of universal, air conditioning has became infection disease of spread channel, Ministry of health statistics, annual summer patient air conditioning disease and the by air conditioning channel by spread of infectious disease of number increasingly more, serious endanger has people of body health, so, to you and family of health, please put you are easy ignored of place completely cleaning clean, this is why to do clean of reasons. Especially the air conditioning inside the dust and bacteria is the place where you like to air conditioning cleaning has become a pressing issue, air conditioning cleaning has the following effects:
1, effective prevention air conditioning sickness; 2, total elimination of infectious germs; 3, completely remove the air conditioning inside the fin on the dust, stains; 4, effectively prevent the accumulation of dirt again; 5, reducing the fin surface electrostatic load; 6, completely remove the air conditioning odors; 7, extension of service life of air conditioning; 8, saving 15%-20%. Cleaning air conditioning can prevention air conditioning disease, and skin due to air conditioning special of work way, makes its has sucking dust device as of effect--pumping into indoor air, after evaporator full contact Hou, again blow back indoor; over, dust, and dirt, and bacteria, accumulation in air conditioning internal, not only effect air conditioning of refrigeration, also will contributed to mites of breeding; attached in indoor machine of bacteria with sent wind system blow back indoor, pollution indoor of air, and spread disease, serious effect people physical and mental health, Office a family especially significantly! Therefore, long-term stay in an air-conditioned room, with air-conditioning syndrome (dizziness, fatigue, decreased immunity, commonly known as air conditioning), vulnerable to skin diseases. After cleaning and disinfection processing air conditioning, more fresh air, people feel more comfortable.

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