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How clean the kitchen is healthy
People think often with water and detergent, you should clean the kitchen sink. But experts give different answers. "If you think that, wash the dish water to ensure not the kitchen sink bacteria, you're wrong. Pool has all the conveniences of bacteria, "Australia microbiologist at the University of Melbourne, Colin Powell says," after each time you wash the dishes, clean the kitchen sink with clean hot water. "Powell reminded, in the kitchen sink when washing your pet plate appliances in particular need to rinse with clean, hot water," has been cleaned in the kitchen sink glass fish tanks, resulting in a person infected with salmonella. "Cooking delicious pouring vinegar into the pool room in several places, such as the kitchen door porch living room regular dissemination of a smell. Japan the fresh home magazine recently published an article, introduces the Japan housewives tips for solving these problems: let us talk about the kitchen. Due to always store leftovers in the kitchen, there are food waste, so is most likely to occur in the summer smell of the place. Because protein is decomposed by bacteria in the food particles and smell, is the most direct way, garbage service, to minimize its exposure in the air, but I still can't completely eliminate the smell in the kitchen. Japan wife before going to bed, usually diluted with some vinegar, pour in the corner of the pool, the next morning, kitchen air fresh.
Microwave oven is also a place of hidden odor. Japan's housewives are usually put in the microwave oven some citrus peel or lemon peel, one minute, this will completely remove odors inside the oven. Use a cutting board before, rinse with water, cutting board with a film of water on the surface, not easy to wash the taste of the food, after they cut the food wouldn't be distributed after a foul taste.

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