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Stone renovation and maintenance methods
In today's decorative materials, natural stone with his beautiful patterns and physical characteristics of the hard, became decorated lobby, first choice for floors and walls. But long stone surface weathering, wear and tear, scratches and other problems, lost its luster. In order to make the stone surface shiny again, people like to be refurbished, and use of more scientific and correct maintenance methods for conservation, bright, beautiful stone surfaces.
Marble flooring renovation of natural marble, also known as marble, ingredients such as calcium carbonate and magnesium, sodium, Silicon, hardness value of 4.5 per cent is relatively soft. Less weathering resistance, so the wear surfaces to tarnish. We can according to the stone surface wear, selected for mild, moderate, and depth of the stone material renovates.
Marble renovate equipment, spare parts and supplies required for: General increase (or T2 using ASL and Czech beauty stone material renovating machine), 4 inch diamond grinding, 17 inch refurbished, suction machines, signs, watering cans, glass, plaster, buckets of water.
1 mild refurbished stone surfaces, marble were minor scratches, minor refurbishment process can be used for renovation. If the ground the old wax is the wax, and then polished with 800# diamond grinding and water is, note: during the process of grinding with water, to keep the ground moist and absorbing water machine water absorption to prevent sewage polluting the ground a second time. Change 1500#, 3000# polishing pads, diamond grinding chips, using the methods above one by one and grinding. Renovation after the program has finished, washed with water and to drain surface water, marble minor renovation work completed.
2, in the marble renovation when the stone surface tarnish, no reflecting objects had any deep scratches, moderate refurbishment process can be used for renovation. Use 200#, 400#, 800#, 1500#, 3000 # polishing, diamond grinding through grinding and polishing methods, considerations, consistent with the above.
3, refurbished marble depth when the stone surface holes, weathering, corrosion, complete loss of gloss and deep scratches, deep renovation process can be used for renovation. Refurbished Qian, first to will holes for patch, method following: first will holes within of dirt real cleaning clean, again dry stone, according to original stone of color and reflective characteristics used imports of epoxy resin rubber or not saturated resin rubber, by color Hou again for patch, using aggravated machine, and distribution refurbished disc and 50#, and 150#, and 200 #, and 400#, and 800#, and 1500#, and 3000# polishing tablets gold steel stone mill tablets for one by one of polished. Polishing method and considerations consistent with the slight renovation. Such as Swiss company Ibero-American marble Crystal hard powdered stone hard, in the process of renovation, after the 800# diamond grinding grinding, can be directly used marble Crystal hard powder to hard, processed stone surfaces look like new.

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