Cleaning of common sense

Smoke and pollution of common sense
For human life is, the fresh air, food, water is the most important factor. From the viewpoint of air pollution, in a general sense see where bad and more smokers, where each ml contains 5 billion dust particle in the smoke, which is usually contained 50,000 times times more dust particles in the air. Carbon monoxide concentration of more than 840 times times the allowable threshold of industry. Large amounts of carbon monoxide make people mentally exhausted, labor efficiency, concentrations of carboxyhemoglobin in the blood rises to moderate the degree of intoxication.
Smoke contains many disease-causing substances such as nicotine, nitrogen dioxide, prussic acid, Acrolein, arsenic, lead, mercury, etc. According to analysis, the concentration of these substances in the smoke far exceeded industry license threshold, which is the highest advanced industrialized countries, workers ' exposure to hazardous gas concentrations. Hazards of cigarette smoke on people more than industrial pollution of chemical gases.

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