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Stone cleaning and renovation methods
Stone disease can basically be divided into two categories: one is the stone porous occupied by foreign bodies, micro-structure and the stone itself has not been significantly damaged, such as macular, organic in most rust stains, salt spots and Rainbow, water trails and water stain, oil stain and oil spots and so on. For this type of illness, professional cleaning is the preferred method. Another kind of micro structure is the stone has suffered some degree of damage, such as surface gloss, powder, shell spalling, holes, cracks, etc. For the second category, the general use of refurbished.
Professional cleaning. This is according to different causes and different objects of stone, the cleaning method. We have repeatedly discussed stone or stone cleaning technology, mainly focused on decorative stone stone cleaning of micro-porous stain, we call the stone of "deep cleaning". Generally speaking, the stone deep cleaning should include at least the following three steps: cleaning agent after penetrating into the pores of the stone; micro-pore cleaning agent in the stone and dirt of molecular physics or chemistry's role by aspiration or dilution steps clear residues after cleaning.
Here for the first and the third step is to complete the basics necessary for deep cleaning, while the second step is to and dirt cleaning agents according to dirt, stone material and the convenience of processing design and experiment. Chemical methods here has a unique effect. We currently have a macular, organic cleaning rust stains, salt spots with the Rainbow, part of the water and water spots cleaning agent, and continue to improve and develop new cleaning agent. Chemical cleaning for in addition to the common law, we test some of the more secure physical cleaning methods, such as using steam flow, particle flow, electrochemical, ultrasonic or laser cleaning method.

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