University cleaning woman love library
In recent days, and Institute a female cleaner spare time reading in the library after the photos were posted online, triggered heated discussion.
This female cleaners had made expensive, 50 years old this year, is a logistics company cleaning an ordinary employee of the school. She said they do the greatest hobby is reading books, work will now go to the library and read, "was reading a Chinese history book".
"To to aunt learning Ah", and "live to old, learn to old, worth praised", and "willing to learning, will learning, anytime, anywhere are can", and "like reading and career no directly relationship, because most read of is books, no task, no utility, completely for personal interest hobby"......, more name users in newspaper Sina micro-Bo Shang message.
It is reported that the network developed has affected college students come to the library to read. Wuchang Polytechnic library print collection of more than 1.26 million copies 207,974 copies of books borrowed last year, received the readers 237506. The school's librarian, said Professor Wang Qunsheng, book lending volume has declined every year.

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