Investment in clean technology and environment is vogue
"An outstanding management team or Manager, into a very bad business, and finally beat the elite. "Said this speaker is Warren Buffett.
"Now a lot of people to cut into the market for technology as the core business, however, you have innovative technologies at the stage of what? to think twice before doing it. "Say this person is ye.
Ye is a qingyun venture capital management company limited (hereinafter referred to as Tsing), President and CEO. Tsing capital is China's first clean technology fund management company, manages the "China Environment Fund for 2002" and "China Environment Fund 2004".
Tsing capital investment with characteristics, in addition to the good returns, social benefits are also very significant. Ye said that in 2010, Tsing capital is optional in the case of lectures at Harvard University.
Environmental investments, business pursue shared his views.
Environmental investments are not only new energy
Ye graduated from University, has 20 years experience in the area of investment, has extensive experience in RMB and US dollar multinational investment.
Tsing capital was founded in 2001 when Tsinghua venture capital management company, was founded in investment areas of environmental protection, public sanitation, is one of the earliest professional environment and clean technology investment fund. At present, Tsing capital management clean technology fund.
Now, on many occasions, ye favorite saying is both energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions data. As an investor in clean, environmentally friendly, and all the time he spreads a message-"in the future, China's environmental protection, clean areas will have broad prospects. "
Tsing capital in recent years, several lightning investment, ye say "investment markets in particular, to hand out", but more people think ye was carrying Tsing grow up in the wild.
Tsing capital investment over the past several years enterprise including Dongjiang environmental (water pollution), the LDK (solar manufacturers, the United States listed), Nanjing (light) (World Solar photovoltaic companies, NASDAQ), a Chinese hydroelectric (hydropower operators, in January 2010, listed by the United States) and jiabowen (kitchen waste).
In ye's view, clean technology and environment will be the wave of the future.
"2005-2006 a large number of solar and renewable energy companies listed, the recent smart grid, energy efficiency and carbon emissions are already included in the Government's agenda. As you can see in the past 10 years, from the earliest start to focus on environmental protection, water, waste to energy, new materials, new energy, to now focus on areas such as traffic and reducing carbon emissions, China has become the world's largest environmental and clean technology markets. "Ye said.
Business assessment stage
Practicing the piano, does a pianist? ye answer is no.
"Now a lot of people to cut into the market for technology as the core business, however, you have innovative technologies at the stage of what? is used or you are in the very early phase stage?" Ye think, should think twice before doing it.
Solar energy, for example, 10 years ago to enter this field and now into this area, the chances of success are not too large. Ye think best time in 2003-2004 years into the solar field. "The same technology, the same group of people, the wrong time, cannot succeed. So when you start, entrepreneurs must be integrated to industry and technology cycles does a measure ".
Now many clean technology venture capital company to cast a lot of foreign technology, a lot of money for each project, but without any results. "Because they only emphasize the high threshold of technology, and forget the market does not have enough maturity, so this product is not accepted by all; or from ideas acceptable, but virtually impossible to buying your product. Strong twist is not sweet, homeopathy for when a certain degree of maturity in the market, if there are government policies, it is the ideal business opportunity. "
Many people come to the conclusion that is the cause of many emerging markets with government support. Ye has been endorsed, "such as the Government stepped up its investment in the energy sector this year, because this year is the Eleven-Five program last year, the Government must complete 20% energy, so the opportunity. "
Entrepreneurship? unless the night sleep
Many good startups, products are good, the team is OK, why not find money?
Ye says, "not just for money. As a startup, should learn more from their own perspective to realize their own potential and targets their startup into a money chasing. I also see a lot of returnees coming back from abroad, got the money, but was not successful, millions of dollars and go back. "
The latter question, want to know how the business? ye never thought he threw cold water on rational analysis of business is.
Because the venture capital, ye want more business, if there is no business, ye will lose customers. However, for ye personally, he wanted every entrepreneur in the business before you leap, if business conditions do not have, do not start. Because you have selected business, money and effort. If nothing, might as well get down to do the work.
So, ye think this thing the founders faced, you first need to decide whether you want to start, then whenever you want business? who do business? what funds are needed to venture?
"This is a very complex issue. Unless you slept at night, you can give it a try. Entrepreneurship can't be afraid to fail, entrepreneurship should be assessed before: defeat is more than I can bear. Of course business is tough, but the rewards are rich. "Ye said

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