Cleaning staff found not to be tempted
Earlier Friday, Yulin, one man put a 13300 Yuan in cash and many bags of documents lost in the Shaanxi transport West Branch South of the town of five service areas of the group inside the toilet, cleaning lady master Liu found work here.
February 7 at 10 o'clock, master Liu cleaned the square, ready and then cleaning the bathroom, when when he went to the bathroom, found a Brown hand bag in the garbage can next to the water heater. Master Liu open a handbag look, found no 13300 Yuan in cash, ID card, driving licence, bank cards and membership cards, ID card showing, Yulin, this bag belongs to a man.
At 17 o'clock, a man looking anxiously into the service area of the Office, asked if anyone found a handbag. After verification, determined master Liu picked up handbag is the man, the company's staff gave him the package.

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