Sanitation workers: everyone is proud of working overtime
Sanitation workers: everyone is proud of working overtime at the Expo Center Shanghai World Expo News Center has an area of approximately 12,000 square meters, has 180 guest rooms, 24 toilets and 29 security channel, such a large office area, daily cleaning work devolved upon the 11 people of the cleaning team.
Mid-autumn day yesterday, contradicting the captain Li (see figure) work from 7 o'clock in the morning until 9 o'clock at night after work, in addition to the one-hour lunch break at noon, other times during inspections. Four floors up and down constantly on the move.
Li said, cleaning of requirements very high, toilet daily cleaning 10 times above, requirements ground, and table Shang no water stains; each room are placed garbage barrels, garbage barrels in plastic bags to tied in barrels outer ring fixed, tied up of knot to by wall body, cannot show to; reporter public leisure district of desktop Shang cannot has garbage, due to reporter many, almost each 10 minutes will cleaning once; employees mobile cleaning tool Shi cannot ride elevator, avoid met passers-by. These service rules are Li Jing daily inspections of projects her own request is: every moment, every crew member where do I have to know.
From the Expo Park so far, Li Jing and her 10 cleaning staff do a take, they are all in Shanghai working personnel in the field, access to the Expo as a number of years working in the city to great glory.
On June 6 of this year, Li's elder daughter married hometown in Anhui Province, Li took a day off to go home to attend his daughter's wedding.
I dare not leave such a big thing, how is it possible to have a mid-Autumn Festival? In addition to Li Jing, cleaning each and every employee to overtime for the Mid-Autumn Festival, we home in Shanghai, if not at work would be more homesick than working in the unit, but better.
Li told reporters that until yesterday, she had no eaten a cake this year, I hope that the 9 o'clock tonight when I get home, my husband can buy a box of moon cakes to come back, we eat together.

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