Cleaning staff are very dedicated, this blunder
Three-day Mid-Autumn Festival holiday, garbage piled up on the lawn downstairs also followed "on leave", in the absence of clearing, the environment for the residents here are annoying. On September 24, the newspaper published the Festival community cleaner "strike"? A paper, reported the provincial capital Botania community residents downstairs junk no one checking, residents have speculated that a cleaner "strikes" event that attracted the attention of local neighborhood committees and property. 24th, at 10 o'clock, Reporter visits found that a male cleaner is working with neighborhood leaders to clean up residential trash on the lawn.
Neighborhood Committee Director surnamed Zhu, after reading this newspaper reported, residents early in the day was responsible for 36, 37 building cleaning workers contacted Liu Yingyou, "lived in his own 36, 5/f, cleaning staff's job is the neighborhood gave him. "It turned out that Liu Yingyou fetches is a community of families receiving 40, blind mother, life. Last year, the neighborhood after a situation aware Liu Jia, gave him a community cleaner, is responsible for his own work on building and a neighbouring building, easy to care for her mother.
"Old Liu usually work very seriously, normal garbage quickly cleared. "Neighborhood of the CAI family webmaster says about it, master Liu ran to the same day, he explained," is taken into account during the Mid-Autumn Festival may have to go home to visit relatives, less waste than the usual, just want to take a rest, after cleanup. "Liu Yingyou says" blame me, played sloppy, and failed to consider the feelings of residents for community environment. "
10:30, Liu Yingyou together with neighborhood leaders to clear the trash downstairs, boxes of trash into transportation vehicles.

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