Stone brand competition fierce head leading the yunfu
As China's development after the reform and opening up two stone yunfu and head of industrial base, is now China's most important and most advanced technology, the most complete product of stone processing and production base.
Yunfu is located in Guangdong Province West, Xijiang South, is China first development of stone base, its with originally of stone processing of based, plus is located in Pearl River Delta, close to Hong Kong and Macao, market needs big, while also easy get advanced of production technology and process and management experience, plus originally rich of granite, and marble, and limestone, and quartz stone mineral, became has China famous of stone building materials base, formed has processing development, and production marble, and granite, and recycling stone decorative plate and the stone business furniture, and Stone crafts 13 series 23 Gates over more than 1000 varieties, is the largest stone products distribution center in South China, and in 2003 was named "stone base Center in China", "China stone material circulation model bases."
Nanan head is located in the southern coast, bordering with the Xiamen Special economic zone, with the surrounding counties of granite mining, Xiamen stone import and export in China and a huge share of the market, as well as the local "smart, dare to fight, daring and dare" spirit of head, the achievements of the equally famous China stone city. Today head has stone production enterprise more than 1350 more than, on business status view its enterprise of production scale General is big, like slate material products years production capacity 40 million square meters, process material up 5 million Yuan above, products style complete, and quality excellent, has stone plate, and different profile, and thin profile, and process material, and primary colors material, and dyeing material,, sold Japan, and Southeast Asia, and Western Europe, and South America, and African, more than 10 multiple national and area. Head and the products are exported to abroad, while marketing network in major cities throughout the country, has a very sophisticated distribution channel. While head also has a large number of small stone processing enterprises and workshops, providing a variety of professional services of high quality and low price, forming a product alignment, full scale, as well as networks mature stone industry chain.
Head of development than the yunfu 5, 6 years later, but the head of the pace of development is very fast, and has now caught up with and surpassed the yunfu, became the biggest stone production and processing base in China, which also makes "China head" as the stone industry's biggest brands.
Next, you will head and yunfu, two major comparative analysis of concrete stone production and processing bases.
Yunfu: shepherds, jingkou, and Rosa, peak, estuaries, Xia Dong, SI Lao, waist, such as ancient stone industrial park; puzzle Street; process one block; white franchise Street in Guangxi; tombstone streets. Manufacturers a total of more than 4,000 enterprises, large and medium sized manufacturers less. Weiyang, male hair, Dong Jun, yongguang brothers such a large stone yunfu manufacturer.
Head: the size of more than more than 1350, there are two major building materials market (and Australia hold first building materials market in South Fujian building materials market), and other considerable number of slabs, marble market, head of the manufacturers from space constraints of their production base, covers an area of thousands of square meters of construction. Most manufacturers is to produce mainly wholesale lumber. The majority of large and medium sized manufacturers are concentrated here, Conley, Stone Creek, rises, East star, and QSB, Star, universal, high watch towers and other large factories.

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