How to maintain product life tips
Home products made of glass is beautiful, but be careful. Fix crevices, cracks will appear, or mark a deep stain, not only affect the appearance of glass home product and enormous impact on the practical. Following the reporter to introduce some tips of how to maintain the glass products:
1. usually do not force impact glass, scratches on the glass surface, preferably covered with cloth. Put aside when something in the glass furniture, you want to gently and avoid collisions.
2. daily cleaning, wipe with a damp towel or newspapers, in case of stains towel dipped in warm vinegar or beer erased, in addition you can also use glass cleaners sold on the market today, jiyong clean acidity strong solution. Winter frosting of glass surface, cloth dipped in brine or spirits can be used to clean, works well.
3. the pattern of the hair once the glass is dirty, moistened with detergent brush, wipe down the pattern circle can be removed. In addition, it also can drop points on the glass kerosene or chalk gypsum powder with water and paint to dry on the glass, then wipe with a clean cloth or cotton, glass, clean and bright.
4. glass furniture is best placed in a fixed place, don't move back and forth freely; smooth placed objects, heavy objects should be placed bottom of glass furniture to prevent instability causes the center of gravity over the furniture. In addition, to avoid damp, away from stoves, cut off from the chemical reagents such as acids, alkalis, preventing corrosion deterioration.
5. use plastic wrap and spray detergent to a damp cloth can also often oil-stained glass "reborn". First of all, the glass full spray cleaner, fitted with cling film, solidified grease to soften after ten minutes and peel off the cling film, then wipe with a damp cloth. If you want to keep the glass clean and bright, and must always start cleaning, if the handwriting on the glass, available rubber friction immersion, then wipe with a damp cloth; if there is paint on the glass, available cotton dipped in hot vinegar scrub; with a clean, dry cloth moistened with alcohol to clean the glass, you can make it as bright as Crystal.

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