Chongqing cleaner working overtime to ensure the urban cleaning
When people are enjoying the joy of the holidays, we miss Chongqing cleaner people working overtime to ensure sanitation clean and orderly. Public fare and play coming to the people and create a good life and leisure environment, using sweat composed a song beautiful songs of the workers.
When many of us are sinking invading in sweet dreams when our detachment's cleaners in Chongqing, have worked in their jobs for nearly two hours, still leave their busy figure on the street.
Detachment of cleaners will work weekdays around 3:30 A.M., one holiday at a time, because the increased flow of people, their cleaning task is even greater. For they who have never enjoyed the holiday and leisure, holiday's arrival means more busy work. Urban sanitation work overload, cleaner streets all over the city to step up inspections and cleaning, clean up road garbage at any time, work intensity, how hard this can be imagined.
The city's charm comes from the environment is clean and fresh, and we miss cleaning charms, there are undeniable.

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