China's solvent sector overview
Cleaning industry concept first appeared was in 1992 by the former EPA {SEPA) organizational units such as Peking University. And approved by the State Council of the < national programme for phasing out ozone-depleting substances in China). According to the State Department's Division of labor. Cleaning by the former Ministry of electronics industry (now the Ministry of information industry). Starting from 1992. Some cleaning equipment. Cleaning agent, cleaning technology application and research of enterprises and individuals, started to set up a national industry group. May 1994 1 7th China cleaning engineering cooperation Association officially approved by the State, and registered in the Ministry of civil affairs.
For nine years, the cleaning industry in our country has undergone enormous changes, wash Association member units from the initial precision industrial cleaning field, development now throughout the country field of civil and industrial cleaning. Some well-known international companies have also volunteered to join China cleaning engineering cooperation Association. At present. Wash cleaning industry, China Association is the only trade association at the national level. With broad representation.
1, the field of civil
From time immemorial. Humans understand and master some cleaning and self-related knowledge. In ancient times, people with clean water to remove adhering body and clothing outside of the sediment also know Ash remove oily stains from clothing. Soda and SOAP is still in heavy use of mankind's oldest and General cleaning supplies. 20th century with the development of chemical industry in particular, the oil industry and the emergence of synthetic detergents, washing equipment and emerge greatly changed people's lives.
People over the age of 40 may be remembered in the 1980 of the 20th century. Each monthly ticket can be purchased two pieces of "pine" or "Lighthouse" brand of SOAP. That is almost one month all the cleaning up. Wash the clothes you want to use it. Shampoo to use it, bath with it. Since reform and opening up, China has undergone enormous change in the civil areas. From the early "Wella AG-Bao" today's "Matt" and "rejoice", variety of shampoo, dazzling, all kinds of detergent advertising, TV's Gold band, now may have very few people used the SOAP header of the past. Many cleaners also placed in the family kitchen, a variety of special cleaning agent such as "glass of water", "tile". "Oil King" has poured into the market. Meanwhile, specialized, large-scale cleaning company throughout the streets. Professional home cleaning, large and small. Cleaning company came into civilian area commercial cleaning. Specialized operation situation. With China's sustained and rapid development of the national economy. Higher demands on the quality of daily life, increased demand for various cleaning. Civil form a huge market. At present, civil includes the following broad areas:
(1) the household cleaning products: washing with shampoo, conditioner, body SOAP. Toothpaste and washing with SOAP, laundry detergent, laundry detergent: tableware. Fruits and vegetables, detergents; the bathroom tub. Special cleaning agent for toilet, floor, carpet cleaning agent glass cleaning agents tile cleaning agent.
(2) household cleaning services: home cleaning services for families, such as new land reclamation cleaning; walls cleaning kitchen range hood cleaning bathroom cleaning; flooring, carpet cleaning sofas, chairs and other furniture cleaning refrigerators and air conditioning. Water dispenser. TV. Stereos, microwave ovens and other household cleaning.
(3) hotel, hotel, catering and cleaning services: daily cleaning of the room; bed linen. Bed covers. Pillow cases. Tea room supplies such as cleaning; restaurant dishes. Kitchen cleaning vegetables. Cleaning of food raw materials and so on.
(4) school, mess clean: public instruments. Kitchen cleaning: cleaning and other processed foods.
(5) hospitals and other specialized cleaning: surgical instruments. Care of hospital supplies, such as disinfecting cleaning; cleaning supplies in hospital wards.
(6) professional laundry: professional chain of laundries, such as Beijing's old "Carol Coupland" for dry cleaning of clothing. Wet cleaning services.
(7) personal cleaning services: sauna, washing your hair. Wash our faces. A dental cleaning. Washing and other cleaning services.
(8) civil cleaning equipment: washing machine. Washing machines, vacuum cleaners, electric toothbrushes. Automatic washing machine also appeared abroad, domestic cleaning robots and other high-tech equipment.

Industrial cleaning is closely linked to various industrial activities are an integral part of the production process. Cleaning does not provide the end product. But a local process in many industrial processes. Technology or complementary activities. In some traditional industries. Cleaning has to be seen to be a simple process or common sense. Tend not to be people. But cleaning is to determine the final product performance and quality. Especially in today's high-tech industry, the role of clean technology is particularly prominent.
(1) industrial cleaning
General industrial cleaning. Such as a boiler. Pipeline. Petrochemical equipment commonly used acid. Base and a number of active substances as cleaning agents. Similar to the civil. Usually with the standard of the human eye can't see the dirt. Such as cars. Trains, planes, ships and other cleaning of the surface of the building walls. Windows and doors, glass cleaning, such as oil pipelines. Oil, oil storage tanks, equipment, pipelines, boilers, central air conditioning. Equipment maintenance and cleaning and so on. Are cleaned, can significantly improve perception, improve grades, improving performance and recovery equipment. Generally does not require sophisticated equipment and technology. Does not require high purity cleaning agents, do not need to clean the environment. Often uses ordinary water, acid. Alkali and heat. High pressure water, high pressure air. Brushes, friction, and other physical and chemical methods to complete the cleaning process. Many belong to manual operation. Labor intensive, high risk, low-tech, common person may engage in wild-type, low value-added labour.
General cleaning equipment is mainly used in industrial cleaning with a high pressure water jet device, automatic car wash equipment, building outer wall clean installations.
(2) precision industrial cleaning
Many processing industries, some intermediate process need to be cleaned first, before working in the next, the final product will have to clean. Such as plating of metals, plastics, glass, paint. Prior to vacuum coating, precision cleaning. To remove grease and ash; cotton textile industry. Wool. Silk. Refined linen cleaning; skim in the pulp and paper industry, deinking cleaning and so on. Precision industrial cleaning directly related to product quality and performance. If the residual dirt than requirements, there will be bubbles. From the skin. Defects and other problems. Normally require special cleaning equipment and processes. Has certain requirements for purity of the cleaning agent, water purification treatment. Some requirements in the clean working environment indoors. Due to different industries. Production of different products used in cleaning technology and equipment vary greatly, even if similar products, enterprises of different sizes. Different levels of investment. Poor cleaning process and cleaning equipment did million. As a metal parts processing enterprises, investment likely to adopt automatic pipeline washing line: small investment you may use a hand-washing method, the first removal of diesel oil and scrap metal, and solvent oil and wash large automatic cleaning device you may need tens of millions of Yuan billions. Investment companies may only spend tens of thousands of Yuan to buy a single tank or tank cleaning machines, or even just a few pots. Precision industrial cleaning field popular mainstream technology is ultrasound. Steam wash (heating) and shower combinations. Using the washing process, to increase the drying process, and supporting the water preparation and wastewater by solvent cleaning agents. Need to increase the solvent recovery and regeneration station; low boiling point solvent. Also increase condensation and seal using high boiling point solvent, drying equipment has increased while using solvents having a flash point to increase the explosion protection measures.
In recent years, some new progressive development and application of cleaning technique and equipment, such as vacuum cleaning, plasma cleaning, UV/smelly hydrogen cleaning, laser cleaning. Dry ice cleaning, and showed good results and prospects. Meanwhile, along with the overall level of industrial improvement. No-clean technology has begun to receive the promotion, particularly in the field of electronics and precision machinery processing. Clean packaging technology can make the component. Wafers "Open box" solid fluxes of no-clean technology development makes the circuit board the growing popularity of some precision metal cutting using residue-free stamping or oil. Combining a melanization process, directly heat the oil evaporate, achieving no-clean, in a color CRT shadow mask has been applied in the production process. Precision needed cleaning industrial cleaning equipment, cleaning agents and cleaning technology. Now basically domestic. Professional cleaning equipment such as Shenzhen environmental protection equipment limited company production units have been in the international public tender bid, and mass production of automatic and single large cleaning of complete sets of equipment, after acceptance of domestic and international experts, can satisfy the need of cleaning industry.
(3) high precision industrial cleaning
At present, micro-electronics technology has been developed to process level, 90-nanometer line has been under construction. Communication equipment widely used in wavelength division multiplexing optical electronic devices (DWDM), resolution to accurately to separate and identify the different wavelengths of light. This type of cleaning products to achieve near-perfect degree, diameter of residual dirt on 0.1nm. Common electron microscopes has been difficult to observe. High precision industrial cleaning must be done in a super clean environment, you need to use ultra high purity cleaning agent with DI water (deionized water), as well as advanced cleaning system. Except for some simple equipment, at present there is no enterprise can provide the technology and equipment imports.

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