Beautiful jewelry cleaning storage tips
Beautiful jewelry matching the right kind of clothing there is the finishing touch effect, but after extended wear jewelry, often contaminated with sweat and grease, so that the surface is no longer bright, even yellow fading, experts say, can actually use existing materials, or easy to buy cleaning products, make their own simple jewelry clean Oh!

Use a neutral cleaning agent
All metal jewelry can use warm water and a mild neutral detergent, like salad took off with soft bristled toothbrush to clean, wash after the surface moisture to dry with a soft cloth, do not let the water stay on the jewelry for a long time. If using a neutral detergent, such as alkaline SOAP to clean, you may make the jewelry surface fog.
Avoid ultrasonic cleaning
Ultrasonic Jewelry cleaning machines are available on the market, but not all accessories are suitable for high temperature, ultrasonic machine or acidic solutions, such as cleaning, preferably silver or jewelry the Professional operation of the line.
Special clean

With nearly 100 ℃ hot water mixed salads and salads out in accordance with the ratio of 2:1 dehydration, jewelry with a soft bristled toothbrush dipped light salad dehydration brush, then rinse with clean water. If you cannot clear stubborn dirt, you can get Silver to do professional cleaning.
K-touch powder for gold
K-gold no longer bright, because alloying with silver, copper and other elements in, jewelry in the chronic exposure to air, chemical reaction and color. Color jewelry available traditional Wan faces of white powder, also known as touch powder, the brush to wash the appropriate weight, light brush accessory surface after waiting a minute, and then clean with a clean cloth to wipe the surface of the jewelry. Touch the powder contains limestone, k gold surface oxide can be cleared, return to a k-gold light.
Sterling Silver 4 cleaning
Silver turns black is because the air in the sulfur vulcanization; iodine and chlorine will also have an impact on silver. Free silver four way restore luster.
Method 1 wipe the silver cloth
Silver with only minor sulfide and can purchase wipes cloth of silver, silver wipes cloth contains potions ingredients, wipe off the surface of silver sulfide, though invisible to the naked eye, but the silver surface is a slight injury. Attention to wipe Black Silver cloth is a normal phenomenon, could not be cleaned, so as not to wipe the silver cloth loses effect, if used directly result is gradually renewed.
Method 2 silver sparkle
Silver sulfide is in serious condition, silver Immersion Silver sparkle can be removed after about 10 seconds, then rinse and dry with clean water. Silver sparkle mainly contain diluted hydrochloric acid, so soak too long or washing too much would ruin the silver surface of the protective film, and silver sparkle containers must be glass, porcelain dishes, so that containers were corroded.
In addition to silver sparkle, but there are higher-priced dry silver milk can be used, composition silver sparkle soft, suitable for cleaning high-priced jewelry.
Method 3
Slight dirt for silver, silver toothpaste on a cotton when wiping cloth, toothpaste containing fine particles and silver surface dirt removed via friction, then silver rinse with water.
Method 4 bag foil
Prepare a pot of hot water and a tablespoon of salt, covered with a spoonful of baking soda and silver foil in salt water picked up again after 20, allowing silver back to white color. Foil and baking soda will have a redox reaction on the surface of silver oxide can be removed.
Jewelry store
1. avoid colliding with hard objects
Do not put the same drawer or jewelry in the jewelry box, jewelry differs, each leading to loss of friction, necklaces should be hung up or plaid storage boxes to hold.
2. put in a sealed bag
Do not wear jewelry for a long time, but don't put them in sealed bags, avoid exposure to air oxidation, and store it in a dark and dry environment, preventing the light fades or damp musty.
1. a large number of activities should be removed
When engaged in activities such as sports, family, jewelry should be removed to avoid external ornaments have a scratched or damaged by the impact.
2. do not touch the acid and alkali
Jewelry as much as possible not to encounter rain, sea water, perfume and cosmetics, or exposed to sweat, take a bath and wash your hands when you should take off your jewelry, avoid contact with chemical cleaning agents.

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