Choose tiling method
Tile colors, varieties, specifications like fashion, more and more colorful, and trendsetting new products every year, tile store shelves more and more fancy. Need to remind you is, don't be confused by the beauty of ceramic tile, quality is a big problem, especially on a function space, for example bathroom kitchen and trampling the ground, tile quality affects the service life.
Three steps to selecting ceramic tile
Consumers to buy the tiles must be careful that it is marked green health standards promulgated by the national symbols or text, do not purchase three tiles. Omega ceramic tile technician recommended buying tiles in three steps:
The first step: judge tile use of space, functional: you bought the ceramic tile is used in kitchen, bathroom or living room? Determine the most basic condition of a select.
The second step: according to the specification to determine whether tiles meet the requirements. Wear degrees: distribution degrees (also called wear degrees) showed that tile easy wear of degree: ⅰ degrees level of tile resistance wear rate minimum, General for show, and wall surface and the activities very less of place; II degrees level of tile main for bathroom, and bedroom, no hard friction of environment in the; III degrees tile for personnel flow frequently of place, as living room, and kitchen,; IV degrees tile has high wear degrees, in luxury residential of Hall, and corridor and public using very for. V General Super wear-resistant, used in a non-domestic environment, such as airports, stations, etc.
Water absorption: higher water absorption tiles in General, density low density caused by low water absorption of ceramic tiles are usually high. Wet room walls and the choice of floor tiles with low water absorption.
Hardness: take two tiles and gently tap, if brick sound crisp, a little metallic sound then its intrinsic quality, hardness is higher; if the husky voice, brick may possession of crack.
Step three: consult the tile resistance to properties such as pH, in order to choose the right detergent to prevent glaze from being polluted.
Stain resistant tile maintenance more easily
After a nice tile paving and maintenance cleaning has become a nuisance, a tile products with anti-fouling function can reduce the burden on help housewives. Products in the using of anti-dirt anti-dirt of patent formula can makes brick surface lasting Milton new, reached easily cleaning of effect, according to used this technology of Austrian meters tomato tile technicians introduced, its unique of 5200 tons imports pressure machine can makes brick of both inside and outside to density reached best combined of State, makes dirt nowhere hiding, also has super long time of high temperature makes its surface of glass of degree and finish close glass, surface smooth flat, is to left marks of reasons where. If the paving tiles in the bathroom or kitchen space, more 0.03%-0.04% little water absorption of moisture ratio and the characteristics of effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria, keep the floor dry and clean for a long time.

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