Economic crisis created "saving" eco de cleaners into a victim
Our Munich, June 21 (reporter in Munich   Wu Jun) revenue of 3.56 million per hour, that wages in Germany are almost out of the Arabian nights. But this actually a low wage levels in Germany's capital Berlin: according to the weekly der Spiegel reported recently, Berlin, a company providing cleaning services for many well-known hotel chains of the large cleaning company, gave their employees out of the incredibly low wages. To a large extent, in violation of the Germany Interior cleaner the minimum wage prescribed by the law.
Germany's labor costs are not too low, especially in construction, cleaning, plumber and postal area as well as the existence of the statutory minimum wage: an ordinary domestic workers an hourly wage of about 8 to 12 euros, which does not include the employer may pay the cost of transportation, and so on, and in big cities such as Munich, Frankfurt, will be even higher. Should, every person in Germany working persons a basic income is guaranteed, even if cleaning will not not live one month's salary.
However, in recent years as the economy continues to stagnate, and continued to pay high wages, into a nightmare for all enterprises. Therefore, all kinds of money-saving measures has emerged, interior cleaning, this phenomenon has become particularly obvious. Was that all major international hotel has its own complete set of housekeeping, all cleaners directly and signing, relative wage levels are also high. But today's trend is the well-known hotels are more likely to hire a professional cleaning company, providing professional services to hotels, and the hotel is both the cost of employing their cleaners, cleaning companies are willing to make that kind of money.
This cost-saving ecological chain did not stop. Cleaning companies are not satisfied with the money earned from the hotel, instead of hiring Germans clearly their rights, rather than hiring new Eastern European workers. Even cleaning company outsourcing services appears again. This also leads to a, cleaning woman cleaning a room, may get only 2 to 2.5 euros, work 6-7 hours a day, every day in his early pay only 20 euros.
Under Germany law, interior cleaning industry's minimum hourly wage, the former East to 6.58 euros/hour, the former West German area is 8.15 euros per hour. Berlin, happens to be in a gray area--if you follow the location of the Berlin wall that year to count, then today there are quite a few high hotel in Berlin is located in the former East, the boss is naturally happy to draw lower wages of employees working here.
Question is, how this apparent against the low wages are to legalize it? According to the weekly der Spiegel reported, said in an interview with the head of the cleaning company, the company is carried out in strict accordance with the legal provisions of the minimum wage standard. And those who earned only 3.56 euros per hour of cleaning, not because they are a form of discrimination, but because their hands are too slow--company policy, according to number of clean rooms and room sizes to calculate the remuneration, so that those not cleaning the room in one day out of much cleaner natural. Grossly in this and is not wrong, but the staff must work in order to earn enough income under the minimum wage, this is clearly tantamount to wage.
In fact, this cleaning company in Germany is also considered as the industry leaders--Germany Parliament is the company contracted building cleaning, the company has a fixed staff of more than 3,100 people. Because of this, when foreign contract workers get only 500 dollars in salary, will inevitably sour, myself a month's hard labor was worth so much money?

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