30,000 square meters square, clean out 100,000 pieces of chewing gum
Eating chewing gum at random, neat appearance and environment will leave ugly "scar", Zhongtang town in a clean culture square in action yesterday, out of 100,000 pieces of littered chewing gum.
Cultural square in the Centre of town, Zhongtang town, overflowing Lotus trees is a popular place for leisure and entertainment, but because some of the people the lack of civic awareness, more holidays, when all accumulated a lot of oil, chewing gum. For cultural square tidy appearance, public utility service centers of the town yesterday to professional cleaning company to clean.
Cleaning company in charge, Qing was chewing gum, they already took 3 days out of 10 workers to shovel out chewing gum on the ground. About 30,000 square meters, but cleared nearly 100,000 pieces of chewing gum, now get the gum stains to clean up the residue on the ground, use normal detergent paid off, larger acid cleaning agents only.
Cleaning workers at the scene told reporters that the traces of oil, gum so hard to clean up, a piece of gum stains for at least 15 minutes to shovel out; the square quickly takes a week to clean it up.

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