Cleaning tips to make your home a new look
I brush, I brushed, I brush the brush! cleansing is the most headache thing every housewife: the kitchen always looks greasy, there in the bathroom smell made by children, living room sofa was filthy, and spend all day are not necessarily very clean like new home. Now, the reporter will introduce you to a few household cleaning tips, so that housewives can more effective, easy to get household chores.
Kitchen cleaning tips
Clean key: in addition to grease
Range hood, gas stove is the most concentration of grease, spray kitchen cleaning agent with wire ball wash, clean the grease and then under it with a slightly damp cloth to wipe clean. Wipe the gas furnace, furnace mouth available carbide thin wire brush, then stabbed through one by one with thin wire to port, and brush the dirt.
The light bulbs and glass in the kitchen for a long time will be blackened soot, easy to wash, available cloth and slightly heat the vinegar scrub and paint walls you can wash, wipe with water, stick wall tiles on top of the walls can be removed with a detergent oil, generally painted after 30 minutes of brushing is best.
If there is odor home kitchen, you can put charcoal in the Cabinet at the end of the corner, not only to remove the smell, but also absorbs moisture. In the kitchen, put a dish of sliced cucumber or citrus, can make the kitchen elegant fragrance, taste in addition.
Toilet cleaning tips
Clean focus: decontamination and odor
The top priority is to clean the bathroom toilet and disinfection of water leakage. Specialized disinfectants that are available to do a thorough cleaning, paying particular attention to deep in the corner and walls where the usually difficult to clean up.
Bathtub used scouring powder in the bathroom brushing can remove dirt on the surface of porcelain bathtub, but due to friction like scouring powder containing quartz sand. If long term use, affects the bathtub finish and long life. So for the bathroom, all hard surfaces can be washed in the bathroom, bathtubs, tiles, sink, toilet with all the best formula with foam sponge using mild detergent, they clean and strong, and is not easily damaged surfaces and hands.
Bathroom vanities stinks, because water has debris can get back some of the caustic soda, add two to three tablespoons in half a pan of boiling water for caustic soda, caustic soda solution into water pipes, after waiting for half an hour, and then wash with plenty of water.
Toilet smell do? can put some dried orange peels in the toilet, you can also burn dried tea leaves. After a while, bad taste will disappear.
Living room cleaning Guide
Clean important: doors, Windows, carpets, floors, sofas, curtains, and furniture
Clean the living room, first remove the dust on the lamp shade, lamp shades are made of paper, cloth, wood or bamboo, available brushes to remove dust and made of materials such as glass lamp shades, wipe with a cloth will wipe the dirty, best remove lampshades, immersed in the wash scrub can look like new.
Ballpoint pen stains on the couch are, you will be very frustrated, felt sure such stains difficult to remove. If cleaned with toothpaste and SOAP, then wipe with alcohol can be removed. Or wipe with cotton dipped in hot milk over can also remove ball point pen stains.
If the House furniture lose their luster, can make a cup of tea, slightly cool, dip tea juice clean furniture surfaces with a soft cloth one or two, you can make the furniture surface light.
If carpet Shang appeared has by furniture weight left of concave marks, can will dip overheating water Hou twist dry of towel put in above, had 10 minutes Hou, again with hair dryer and hair brush, side blow side brush, concave marks natural on will disappeared; if is cement ground was sprinkled Shang has ink, can will food vinegar pour in ink Shang, had 20 minutes Hou with wet cloth scrub, on can removed ink.
Bedroom cleaning tips
Clean focus: ceiling, wall and floor
Bedroom are living rest house so clean methods and utensils must be security, and environmental protection.
First clean dust, sweeping order for walls and ceiling------flooring, hard surface if they are washable, you can use the cleaner and follow the instructions to dilute, large area wipe or wash, and wipe dry with a clean cloth. Rarely cleaned screens, aluminum doors, you can scrub thoroughly with detergent, then rinse and dry. In addition, if you have small children at home, also note that floor cleaning bacteria.

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