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Sanitation cleaning

Sanitation cleaning

A, cleaning cleaning system
Clean the cleaning work must be clean, clean. Reached "six net", and "six no" cleaning standard (that: no stacked real, and product gray; no Peel, and confetti, and cigarette; no sludge, and water; no brick soil stone, and abandoned debris; garbage barrels bit (side) no garbage, and fruit chip box no garbage; road NET; corner NET; green (with) net; street trees points NET; rain bi net; fruit chip box clean). Keeper to be subject to the management, clean of civilization, no right and mass brawls, scratching. System of strict compliance with the working time and leave, not string post, leave, get together to chat, chat with each other and so on; induction must wear work clothes and hats. Cleaning cleaning head (contractor) subject to our Organization and leadership, clearly defined responsibilities and inspection supervision, there were resolved in a timely manner, to report timely contact with the company, that cannot be resolved.

Main Street in two shifts, General scanning must be accomplished before 7:00 the first keeper (including fruit containers are clear cut, wash; sidewalk, roadway, tree holes, the Hua Tai Pu sweeps), and cleaning of 12:30; second class keeper gang cleaning to 10:00. Monitor each other when two keeper gang shall not leave, for a month.
Second Street a shifting, General scanning must be accomplished prior to 7:00 (fruit containers including clear cutting, cleaning sidewalks, roadways, hwadae, the Cape whisk), gang cleaning, from 12:00 to 8:15, 1:30 to 8:00 to post maintains cleanliness, the special cases dealing with alternative arrangements.

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