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Range hood cleaning

Range hood cleaning

Oil flue (hood) cleaning processes and procedures:
1. open fan check that the fan is working properly, and then close the fan main power switch.
2. will power, eye sockets, switches, stoves and field facilities covering for protection.
3. all right now, started operations from top to bottom.
4. Remove tray emissions into the oil soaked in water so that it softens fat is easy to clean.
5. Degreaser with a water cannon sprayed the parts to be cleaned.
6. Since the beginning of air inlet parts oil.
7. Hood on the outside after you board wipes clean stainless steel protective agents.
8. cleaning, wiping of air balls and lights.
9. flat pipes, pipelines, hood between the stove and the walls of the wipe.
10. the stove clean.
11. strong alkaline chemical cleaning for aluminum products facility is strictly prohibited.
12. the disinfection process (locally).
13. the stove, the stove surface wipes clean with a towel.
14. remove water protection, check the power supply box for water.
15. check the stove eye, if there is water in the blower.
16. job site clean and tidy.

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