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Air purification

Air purification

Photodegradation of micro ionized air purification technology
  Photodegradation of micro ionization air cleaning technology is the world's latest high-end technologies in the field of air purification, through a slightly Ionic generator produced hydroxyl radicals, oxygen free radicals, anions and cold light source. While the cold light source in a variety of precious metal catalyst, generated a huge amount of hydroxyl radical, negative ion purifying ion, these ions form a cloud of ions in a very short time, moments, benzene and formaldehyde, smell, VOC and other harmful pollutants upon a series of chain reactions, eventually forming carbon dioxide and water, as well as efficient sterilization, lower bacterial concentrations to prevent virus infection.
  Complex air pollution purification liquid
  A substance while cleaning a variety of harmful gases, toxic harmless, free support from the Ministry of science and Technology Innovation Fund, can be used for sources, completely solve the formaldehyde pollution problems.
  Formaldehyde elimination medicinal preparation
  Formaldehyde elimination medicinal preparation for polluting energy sources of formaldehyde, formaldehyde formaldehyde can solve pollution problems, is a target of a single, very good product.
  Air Purifier
  Air Purifier will not only play the role of humidifying indoor air, and a slight to the indoor air pollution, can have very good cleaning action.
  Photocatalyst after nearly a decade of development, is the most mature and very efficient way. It is like photosynthesis using natural light catalytic decomposition of formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful gases, and the main ingredients titanium dioxide Photocatalyst is very safe, allow micro added to foods and co

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