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The property maintains cleanliness the managed

The property maintains cleanliness the managed

Office buildings, residential areas, hospitals, banks, shopping malls, schools, factories and other large and medium sized building interior floors, walls, glass, metal, ceilings, elevators, bathrooms, walk stairs, signs, outdoor floors, lawns, rubbish bins, signage, car parks and public areas facilities providing on-site clean managed services.
  (A) equipment and tools:
  1, vacuum cleaners: suction of dust, dirt, dust, vacuum the carpet on the ground dust, dirt, cleaning furniture, such as different types of vacuum cleaners.
  2, absorbing water machine: used for polishing effect on the ground, and also very effective for absorbing carpet moisture and speed drying.
  3, carpet cleaning machines: mainly used for assisting the carpet.
  4, polishing: polishing effect on the ground, large buildings, particularly necessary.
  In addition common tools are: a ladder, brushes, brooms, mops, sponge cloth, watering cans, plastic gloves, long blade, hand-brush, trolleys, as well as signs and so on.
  (B) Cleaner:
  1, adding: for removal of stains, stains.
  Spirit 2, toilet: used to clean the stain on the ceramic products.
  3, wax: used to clean marble floor, old wax stains on the wall.
  4, cast wax: for surfaces such as marble wax maintenance.
  5, glass cleaner: used for cleaning glass, mirrors, tiles and electroplating and surface of dust and dirt.
  6, the day that water used to dissolve, dilute the paint.
  7, carpet cleaning: cleaning of stains on the carpet.

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