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The project opens up wasteland

The project opens up wasteland

For all kinds of large and medium water in the building industry, newly renovated rooms for a thorough cleaning, including glass, kitchen, Windows, ceilings, walls, floors, staircases and thoroughly cleaned.
1, the first traces of decoration of waste. Comprehensive cleaning from top to bottom;
2, and wipe glass: first with towel put glass box wipe clean, again with coated water device dip diluted Hou of glass water solution, uniform of from Shang to Xia smear glass, has stubborn of stains with shovel knife clear clean, again repeat above process Hou with glass scraping from Shang to Xia scraping clean, with dry towel wipe NET box Shang left of water marks, glass Shang of water marks with towel wipe clean.
3, and bathroom: insisted by Shang and Xia of principles, first recognize bathroom ceiling of material, is PVC or aluminum plastic Board also is paint of, again according to different of material with different of clean method for clean; with hundred clean pad or scrub brush cleaning bathroom of wall, focuses on tile of gap, and tile surface Shang legacy of rubber track, and paint points, and cement stains,; with towel clean health between of ware, with stainless steel cleaning liquid for various leading, and fittings for clean; with wash to machine on ground for last of clean, Which is the corner of the ground, clean ball and blade on the washing machine to wash targeted to the corner of decontamination, remove cement stains and, finally, after the check is complete, turn the tap fittings with a dry towel to wipe it again.
4, and door, and box and the wall surface: distinguish door of material, with professional clean agent diluted Hou, with towel wipe, program is from Shang to Xia, put towel stack into square, from door of top Department began from left to right of wipe, cannot has missed, has rubber stains of place available except rubber agent do processing; box of program door; must to do no missed, and no corner. Walls with a duster or vacuum cleaner dust, wipe the lamp, switch box, mouth, air conditioning vents, etc.
5, floor cleaning: all finished, is surface cleaning, surface material, wood flooring, ceramic tile, or stone, select special cleaning agent diluted when tell, to start cleaning. Available to GLUE on the blade clears the ground, stubborn glue; after the last operation to finish, and should be fully checked by the captain again after confirming that no remnants retreated from the scene.
6, diagonal: wipe with a towel, with a blade to remove glue trace, paint and so on

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