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Stone conservation

Stone conservation

Marble, granite and other stone conservation, refurbishment, polishing, waxing, Crystal face, seamless, non-slip, brightening, lesions treatment
  Marble renovate operating procedures:
  A, operating procedures
  Multifunctional wiping machine, tie, stone cleaning agents wash the floor and matching marble repair surface with a stone color, stone earth-shaking new machines with different hardness of diamond grinding start grinding on the ground, first with 50 cutting grinding leveling the ground, followed by 150, 300, 600, No. 800, and grinding. Stone, after the material is ground to a certain program, continued in 2000, No. 3000, more than grinding grinding, achieve the delicate stone surfaces, smooth program, and then hardening with hard stone ceramic powder, brightening, polishing with a wool pad and, finally, revamped surface without impurities, brightness of more than 15 degrees, significant increase in hardness 3-5 hardness of Mo.
  II, marble Crystal operating procedures
  Materials; stone high light mirror recycled powder, applied to three Shi mirror Crystal process, protect the stone surface from General two scratches, keep the brightness to gloss such as mirror, waterproof, corrosion-resistant, more care than waxing. In a short time and then causing tarnishing of the stone surface and does not produce stone surface scratches caused by wire, didn't leave rusts the stone surface discoloration, rock bright as a mirror, to prevent stains deep within the stone layer, reinforced abrasion, scratch and other effects.
  Third, how to:
  Use the washing machine, the first stone surfaces thoroughly cleaned.
  Crystalline powder with a pure water into fine shape, paint wear pads.
  With 185 rpm 1 minutes wiping machine and began grinding, keep the ground moist during operation.
  When marble formed after Gao Guangjing, use water suction machine off the ground residue paste. After water, pad polishing use, causes the ground to dry completely, this man, co

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