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Floor maintenance

Floor maintenance

Wood, plastic, marble, terrazzo, granite, mirror tiles, floor polishes, wax, curing
  Floor waxing reasons:
  1, protecting your wood floors from natural weathering, aging cracking; 2, increased floor gloss and appearance; 3, slip 4, make future cleaning easier.
  Floor waxing tools:
  1, multi-purpose floor cleaning machine, water cleaners, high speed polishing machine, blower, wax or Tiger clip, towel, squeeze the water wagons, signs and rags.
  Floor waxing agents:
  1 solid, liquid wax, polishing waxes, parabolic-free wax, neutral detergent, and so on.
  Considerations for the wood floor wax
  1. According to the floor type corresponds to the selected floor wax. Floor wax can be roughly divided into water and oil in two ways.
  2. wax the floor cleaning method
  Normal floor wax remover, some are strongly alkaline. Wood flooring material is wood, alkaline components can result in mark stains, discoloration, the floor must not be used. Dip with a rag dipped in solvent can be used (UF is satisfied that water) cleaning method.
  3. considerations when laying the floor
  Urea-formaldehyde adhesive bond strength is very high, to be the subject of particular attention. In case of sticking to the surface, on which you want to put water saturated with urea-formaldehyde is satisfied on cloth, and cloth covered plastic film, the adhesive softens, and then use the bamboo spatula or plastic shovel to cl

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