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Carpet cleaning

Carpet cleaning

Fiber rugs, wool rugs, nylon rugs, leather sofas, Fabric sofas and other cleaning and maintenance
How to
Carpet brush, sprayers, water machine, carpet cleaning machine.
Use: carpet shampoo, diluting agents, comprehensive cleaning of vacuum cleaner, thinner into the tank, full spray cleaner on the carpet stain out of the fiber after 8-13 minutes, wash in washing machine, walking backward, stretch after two wash and use water suction machine clean, then let the carpet dry completely, blow dry.
Dry foam cleaning carpets
Using the tools:
With carpet brush and beating device of single disc wipe to machine and honor device, using carpet high bubble clean agent for full sucking dust, then with variety diluted agent mixed joined bubble box, began for operation, with beating device, and carpet brush, and single disc sweep machine, to dry bubble scrub carpet, continuous three times can,, carpet completely dry through yihou, sucking to stains and dry bubble crystal.

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