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Wall cleaning

Wall cleaning

Glass curtain wall, aluminium composite panel walls, mosaic wall, outer wall clean, whitewashes, trap processing
Cleaning preparation:
1, first on the top platform Optional a fixed place to tie the rope, such as piping, rope to tie a few more laps, repeated loading test to guarantee. All rope lift angle, take the ribs, take place using a rubber or carpet tiles at the bottom to prevent friction.
2, lifting slings in u-crab buckle on the Board play a special knot, PCB plug hanging barrel, which contained less than half barrels of cleaning agents (medicine). Workers put on glass cleaning devices, water and a rag, work can start on. Because there is a special button, so at work, lug not slipping. Control rope, freedom to operate, simply put up a rope hanger plate slipping, sliding as much as mentioned, how fast sliding fast. Until the end.
(1) operation personnel sat Yu hanging Board provides location, will all appliances zhalian in hanging Board catchy sideways Xia; (2) slowly will hanging Board decentralization, arrived first work location; (3) with gun (or watering can) alignment work location water, preliminary removed dust gray, then will clean agent coated in glass or corner Shang, later with scraping article, and or brush water wipe, last with rag will wall surface arrangements will be dry. (4) a location work end, slowly adjustment to next location continues to clean straight the longitudinal location to work end, then again horizontal mobile location; (5) whole work process in the, security supervision should throughout for site security supervision, shall not AWOL; (6) cleaning glass curtain wall is strictly prohibited using alkaline clean agent, or will caused curtain wall plating film in half months around spot off, and faded, serious consequences.

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