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Should not be the pursuit of luxury, luxury, away from the natural, going against nature. In the design of urban park waters, just let nature take its course, curving shore planting wetland plants, planted the Lotus in the Lake, aquatic plants such as Lotus, will form a kind of beautiful natural landscapes. However, some designers are built with marble Lake, and white marble on the surrounding fence, reinforced with concrete and then repaired deepest pool of the lake bottom to keep aquatic plants, that looks upscale, luxurious and uniform, but the natural charm of the Lake as a whole lost became a completely artificial lake, contrary to the original intention of garden design.
B should not blindly imitate, copy, lack of personality. Every garden work must have its unique style and local characteristics, reflects the region's rich cultural heritage and historical connotations. However, due to historical reasons of modern China and Western garden style had a profound impact on our garden so that European and American-style gardens in China everywhere, followed lost Chinese garden style and personality.
Three is not the lack of humane care, regardless of people's needs. Urban landscape architecture is designed to beautify one's life, influence people's sentiment, so it is important that in the design should be people-oriented.
Four should not be focused only on the Visual Grand, magnificent, noble and stately beauty, regardless of project investment and management costs in the future.
Five should not be neglected in harmony with the local environment and undermine the overall ecological environment. The natural terrain is nature's gift to us, so in landscape design to full account in harmony with the local environment. By mountains, water, landscape borders.
Six is against random configuration of landscape plants. Garden plants are the life of the individual, so designers should give full consideration to the local soil conditions and the ecological environment, and can imagine after several years of plant growth by the formation of effects and effects on the surrounding environment.
Seven should not be focused only on the plants, neglected garden plant collocation in diversity. Need for ecological environment construction on biological diversity, is the Foundation of stable and good ecological environment, but also constitute a natural landscape.
Eight should not only indicate the types of garden plants, does not identify the specific varieties and specifications. Found differences between varieties of garden plants are sometimes huge. Uncertainty tends to make the designer's intentions are not fully expressed, sometimes has the opposite effect.

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